Self Directed Learning

Self-Directed Learning (SDL) is a method of learning that equips students with the skills to set their own goals and develop understanding and ownership of their learning.

The skills of self-directed learning are acquired by students in the three learning environments, in the classroom, in one-on-one or small group tuition and through working independently.

The 'Learning to Learn’ Framework has been developed in consultation with professional staff and community members.

It is a methodology that models the adult workplace and equips students with the skills to manage their time, solve problems creatively, meet deadlines and work collaboratively with their colleagues and their teachers.

It is based on and supported by extensive research into best practice in education.

The vision of the Framework is articulated in its underpinning educational philosophy: The OneSchool Educational Framework – ‘Learning to Learn’ builds the capacity in its students for self-direction, independent problem-solving and intrinsic motivation. 

Bring together People, Curriculum, Technology and Place creates a learning environment that promotes best practice teaching and learning. At the heart of the Framework are enabling structures to build methods of teaching and learning to support the development of independent, self-directed students and creative thinkers.

The Framework’s 3-part structure of the assignment, lesson and study are interconnected elements designed to manage the delivery of curriculum while on the one hand empowering students to learn to work on their own and diagnose and solve their own learning problems, and on the other providing the support that will enable all students to fulfil their individual potential. 


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